StereoMonoizer (dual license)


StereoMonoizer is a simple, easy to use utility that quickly and easily determines whether your audio files are true stereo, or “mono in stereo” (in other words, mono sounds embedded in a stereo file). It will quickly and efficiently analyze your audio files for you, identify which are true stereo, and which are mono sounds embedded in a stereo file. When it finds “mono in stereo” files, it will give you the option to convert them to true mono files. For an average sized session, it can do all of this in under a minute. That saves you all that extra time to get down to the business of mixing, rather than wasting time with boring file manipulation and mix preparation. If time really is money, then you can’t afford not to own StereoMonoizer.

This product allows you to use StereoMonoizer on two computers simultaneously.